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PTFE Skived Sheet

PTFE Skived Sheet

PTFE resin is first molded into work-blank and then skived. The PTFE skived sheet & tape are highly dielectric. Our PTFE molded skived sheet is chemical resistant and is highly durable. They have a wide range of operation temperature.

Lining, sealing and oil less lubricating material and dielectric at any frequencies. Capacitor dielectric, wire isolation, electrical instrument isolation etc.

We supply these sheets at quite reasonable prices. We are one of the well known PTFE sheet manufacturers and suppliers in India.

PTFE Skived Sheet Tape

Main properties:

Property Unit Result
Appetent density g/cm3 2.10-2.30
Tensile strength (min) MPa iY15.0
Ultimate elongation (min) % %150
Dialectic strength KV/mm 10


Property Code name
Skived sheet Thickness 0.5-4mm, Width .1000.1500,2000mm, Length>1m-100m