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PTFE Filled Article

PTFE Filled Article

We have come forward to provide you a wide gamut of PTFE filled article that mainly includes PTFE filled article. Filled PTFE article is manufactured by moding method with filled PTFE resin. Filled PTFE resin is manufactured by compounding PTFE granular resin with fillers of many differents kinds. We have carved a niche as one of the leading PTFE article manufacturers and suppliers in India. Amongst the many fillers suitable for compounding with PTFE, glass fiber, carbon fiber, Bronze and also lubricating materials like graphite, molybdenum disulphide, have been widely used in large scale production, Broadly speaking PTFE compounds have the following advantage over unfilled PTFE
  • Improved compression strength
  • Improved thermal conductivity
  • Decreased thermal expansion
  • Improved abrasion resistance


outside diameter, Inside diameter x High (mm) outside diameter, Inside diameter x High (mm) outside diameter, Inside diameter x High (mm) outside diameter, Inside diameter x High (mm)
15/10x40 71/55x90 115/65x100 170/100x100
30/19x70 75/42x150 115/75x100 172/135x50
36/24x50 77/55x100 117/80x110 172/145x115
40/18x100 79/65x80 120/98x70 187/159x70
40/20x100 83/30x100 122/102x60 205/162x90
42/25x100 83/60x100 125/60x100 213/189x100
48/36x100 84/53x70 125/80x85 220/170x40
49/39x50 64/60x100 127/86x100 229/185x70
50/28x100 90/68x100 129/112x62 250/214x100
57/40x50 93/60x100 135/92x65 284/250x95
60/30x50 93/65x100 140/100x100 290/240x120
64/30x50 100/60x100 141/112x100 304/364x50
66/45x50 100/65x100 142/112x100 325/285x100
66/51x50 100/75x100 148/118x100 390/354x120
66/55x50 100/84x50 150/110x100 395/355x50
68/42x60 102/65x100 160/130x65 516/468x80
69/42x100 107/65x100 162/126x100 578/530x90
70/45x50 110/50x70 164/137x62
110/65x125 164/124x60

Application of filled PTFE

Application Necessary proerties Suggested grades of filled PTFE
Gaskets Creep resistance, chemical resistance 1, 2, 3 & 5
Valve seas Creep resistance, Lowfriction, chemical resistance 1, 2, 3 & 5
Packings Creep resistance, Lowfriction, Low wear, chemical resistance, stiffness 1, 3, 5 & 7
Bearings Low wear, Lowfriction, Creep resistance 1, 4, 5 & 6
Bearing Pads Creep resistance, Lowfriction, resistant to weathering 3
Piston rings Creep resistance, Lowfrictionï¼?chemical resistance, stiffness 1, 2, 3 & 5
Main Properties
Filled compound and Content by wtTensie strength MPa(min)Ultimate strength %(min)Compresive strength MPa(min)
20% glass fiber1012016
25% glass fiber1010016
20% glass fiber 5% graphile1012016
60% Bronze108020
15% carbon fiber1113016
24% Bronze 12% glass fiber 6% graphile910016
15% glass fiber 10% Polyikmide 5% graphile1012016.7