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PTFE Bearing Slide

PTFE Bearing Slide Square & Round Type

We are widely well reckoned as one of the prominent PTFE slide manufacturers in India. We bring to forth a large range of PTFE bearing slide that mainly includes PTFE plastic bearing slide. Our PTFE bearing slide is made from high strength PTFE suspension resin by methods of moulding, sintering and finalizing the design to various sizes. Different fillings can be used to achieve special demands. It can also be adhered to rubber and metal with one side etched. PTFE has very low coefficient of friction; it is anticorrosive and not aging, can be widely used in temperature from -180oC to +260oC. Our PTFE bearing slide is immensely used in bridge bearing slide, building slide, vehicle slide etc.

Main properties

Properties Unit Result
Apparent density g/cm3 2.10-2.25
Tensile strength (min) MPa 30
Ultimate elongation (min) % 250
Square Type
Standard (mm) Thickness (mm)
300x300 5-10
400x400 5-10
500x500 5-10
600x600 5-10
800x800 5-10
900x900 5-10
1000x1000 5-10


Round Type
Diameter(mm) Thickness (mm) Diameter(mm) Thickness (mm) Diameter(mm) Thickness (mm)
Φ140 6-8 Φ240 6-8 Φ415 6-8
Φ150 6-8 Φ260 6-8 Φ636 6-8
Φ160 6-8 Φ300 6-8 Φ740 6-8
Φ180 6-8 Φ320 6-8 Φ852 6-8
Φ210 6-8 Φ340 6-8